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Re: [Q] Japanese Input in Netscape?

Netscape is Motif-based, so presumably you can bind an input method to
the appropriate Text widget resource.  It is a damn shame, isn't it,
that Netscape is "user-friendly," and does not document (and maybe
doesn't even support) the usual sorts of X resources.

Oops, no, I'm wrong, at least as of X11R5 (the OReilly books that I
have).  Each application is supposed to check its locale to determine
whether any XIM (X Input Method) is supported.  This isn't automatic,
at least in X11R5, the programmer has to do a fair amount of work to
register an XIM and an X Input Context (XIC).  This may have improved
for R6, but I bet Netscape doesn't do all that work.  Maybe it does....

Apparently to make this work you should have *both* an X Input Manager 
and a Japanese FEP running as separate processes.

Anyway, this is bottomless magic and you had better talk to real
wizards and the Netscape support people about it.  You should also
check your Wnn and/or Canna documents.  The man pages I've got for
X11R6 are more opaque than I expected (!).  Other keywords to look for
are Xsi and Ximp (two input managers that have been implemented for

Or maybe it's already installed by JE ;-)

Of course, you could just try cutting and pasting from a Japanese
document in a kterm....  There's also W3.el (I think it's called) for
Mule/NEmacs which is "fully multilingual" (whatever that means) for
Mule.  Since it's an Emacs Lisp program, it has access to any input
methods that Mule does.  I don't know what W3.el does about images and 
the like.  Presumably it uses MIME capabilities and calls apps for
you.  But maybe it only handles text like Lynx.

                            Stephen J. Turnbull
Institute of Socio-Economic Planning                         Yaseppochi-Gumi
University of Tsukuba            
Tennodai 1-1-1, Tsukuba, 305 JAPAN       

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