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Re: Project Management software for Linux/Unix?

On Mon, 20 Nov 1995, Andrew N. Nishigaya wrote:

> Does anyone know of any project management software available under Linux 
> (or portable from other Unixes)?  I need to use something and hate the 
> idea of having to install Windows again just for Microsoft Project...

I have not seen this package or even know if it can be ported to Linux, 
but here is the package brochure if you are interested.

br: An editing tool for planning and scheduling projects. Xopps represents
br: an application-specific with its commands and functions tailored to
br: scheduling activities on a timeline display. Features: It supports laser
br: output and was designed to run under the Motif Window Manager. This
br: version contains a user-contributed patch.

It is available from:

If you get it running I would be interested in what you think ?

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