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Re: Japanese man pages

At 15:41 11/16/95 +0900, Craig Oda wrote:
>I am starting to use Japanese more and need to read Japanese
>man pages.  I have installed all the base tools in the JE distribution,
>including jcawf.tgz, jman.tgz, less.tgz, ng.tgz, pcurses.tgz.  The
>Japanese fonts are not coming up.  Mule, jvim, ktin, etc., work fine.
>I had this problem with man before and I ended up filtering the
>pages through jcawf by hand.  I get error messages that jman cannot
>find the proper fonts.
>Anyone have a similar problem?
setenv LANG=ja_JP.ujis (i.e. in .tcshrc file) .

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