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Re: Please Help with FVWM

> This is deep, deep magic. 


> There ought to be a way to have multiple files in each locale
> directory.  Probably the one named XLC_LOCALE is the one that gets
> used, so you could mv the X11R6 one to XLC_LOCALE.X11R6-dist, then the 
> JE .../nls/* file to XLC_LOCALE, and things would work out.

Actually, the file formats look a bit different, nls files don't
work in the locale directory.

> The fact that you get random kanji suggests that your locale is being
> set improperly.  Try setting and exporting LANG=ja_JP with the
> original X11R6 locale files.  (This must be done *before* fvwm is
> started in the *shell which starts it*.  While you're playing with
> this kind of thing, I strongly suggest changing the end of .xinitrc to

I put this in the .xinitrc ??  I've been trying this in XLC_LOCALE
after the first time I read the message and have got nothing but

> The locale documentation is pretty weird, and I don't have a recent
> version of Slackware installed so I don't know if it got any better.
> But you can try looking up locale(1), setlocale(1), setlocale(3), and
> locale(7).  The X documentation of locale related functions is
> non-existent in the man pages; presumably the Xlib manual is much more 
> detailed.

The one I tried in Slackware 2.3 wasn't helpful for me at all.

> [The rest is more-or-less irrelevant to TLUG; I'm including it because 
>  I'm here already and think it's of somewhat general interest.  If you 
>  think it's really inappropriate, let me know.]

It was interesting, I was only 10 when I went to the Expo and it
seemed that they were going to develop a 5th generation computer
there.  I guess nothing came of that since, US supercomputers are
still dominant.

Shige Abe

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