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Re: Linus In Japan!

At  1:40 11/12/95 +0900, Andrew N. Nishigaya wrote:
>> Do you have any idea ?
>Do you mean like asking him to the TLUG meeting?  That would be cool if 
>we could arrange it.  Maybe we'll even hit record numbers.  I wish I 
>could be in Japan, but I will be in Saipan that entire week. (and more!) 

I have no plan for the tour of Linus & Tove.
Do you have any plan for them ?

Do you join the JUS Fair ?
He'll have a speech arranged by Laser 5 in the JUS Fair.

>> And he want to go to the Hard Rock cafe.
>> Do you know where is the Hard Rock cafe in Tokyo.
>It is in Roppongi above Tony Romas.  Maybe he is collecting Hard Rock 
>T-shirts from all the places he is invited :-)
Thank you for this information.
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