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Re: PPPd update

On Sun, 5 Nov 1995, Jim Tittsler wrote:

> If you update your kernel past the mid 1.3.30's and you use
> PPP, you'll need to update to PPP 2.2.  I couldn't find a
> copy on the Japanese mirrors, so I've left a copy in:
>   <URL:>

Ahh, yes we were having a lot of fun with 2.2 in the office. :-)
Dynamic modules that swaps the process in and out on the fly.
There is no limit in the kernel now as to how many processes
it can handle simultaneously.   The new one, 2.2c I think, wouldn't
compile under 1.2.8 or 1.2.13.   My memory is failing...  sorry
if this is garbled.


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