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re: Free Yggdrasil Toys Available

  I will see if I can donate an Adaptec T-shirt or two to the cause...

Ted Matsumura, Adaptec Japan Ltd. 
ATM Program Manager, InterNetworking Technology (INTO)
phone: 03-5276-8433, Fax (03) 5276-9364 
Original Text
>From, on 11/2/95 12:53 PM:

I have recently arranged to have the Tokyo Linux Users Group
receive some Yggdrasil stuff.  The cool dudes there have sent
me the following:

1) 4 CD set of the Linux Archives

2) Fall 1995 Plug and Play Linux with 2 CD set (kernels 1.2.13 and 1.3.15)
	complete book and Fall 1995 Revision B floppy and extra 
	CD-ROM included

3) Linux Bible Third edition with CD-ROM.  Big Linux Book.

All toys are still shrink-wrapped and ready to go.

I was thinking that we should hold a random lottery at the next
TLUG meeting, maybe during the lunch, to distribute the toys.
I would like to add the stipulation that the person that receives
it write a short evaluation of the product and submit it list.


when is a good day?  I am busy on November 11.


		     Craig Oda   
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     Twics / IEC Building / 1-21 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160 Japan

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