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Re: TLUG meeting

Nov. 19 is fine for me.  

I also like DOS/V, not bad for a Nihongo 'puter zassi.  BTW, I would not 
have batted an eye if I read that win95 in say the daily gomiuri, but when 
the name of the zassi has 'puter on it ... jeez!

Ted (havin' a bad day with a cold ... )

Ted Matsumura, Adaptec Japan Ltd. 
ATM Program Manager, InterNetworking Technology (INTO)
phone: 03-5276-8433, Fax (03) 5276-9364 
Original Text
>From, on 10/31/95 1:59 PM:
 > From:
 > Date: 30 Oct 95 10:48:00 CDT
 > Just curious, when is next tlug meeting?

How about 11/19 (Sun) ?

 > From:
 > Date: 30 Oct 95 11:35:00 CDT
 > BTW, does anyone here read "Computing Japan"  The last issue with the 
 > articles by you guys was good.  The last issue, and issues in the past 
 > been rather embarrassing.  The editor didn't have a clue how to install 
 > Win95, nor read the warnings about how it boots, yet felt compelled to 
 > about it.

With every magazine, and not only computer-related ones, talking about Win95,
may be he wanted to show he is also following the stream.

In past issues of CJ there were good articles on DOS/V, Win/V and on how to 
both US and JP applications in a mixed environment, but for technical 
details I
prefer to rely on japanese magazines, like DOS/V Magazine.    



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