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re: TLUG meeting

I'll be in the US Sun. the 12th, but anytime that works out with the others 
is fine.

BTW, does anyone here read "Computing Japan"  The last issue with the Linux 
articles by you guys was good.  The last issue, and issues in the past have 
been rather embarrassing.  The editor didn't have a clue how to install 
Win95, nor read the warnings about how it boots, yet felt compelled to write 
about it.

Another guy rants and raves about how US modems really need that 120V AC 
current, etc. without going into AC-DC conversion issue, urging users go to 
out and buy a bizarre step up transformer in Akihabara.

What's with this magazine?


Original Text
>From, on 10-30-95 11:14 AM:
On 30 Oct 1995 wrote:

> Just curious, when is next tlug meeting?
> Ted

When would you like to have it?  We should probably give people
about three weeks notice.


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