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Re: netscape 2.0

> Okay, okay.  So I cheated.  I have installed NT on my machine as an 
> interim solution until Linux gets its pthreads library into robust enough 
> shape to support Java.  I am using the 32-bit Windows version :-)

Does anyone know what is to become of Sun's Hot Java product?  Was it created
as simply a test bed for the Java language before Netscape 2.0 is released,
or does it have some kind of future?  I think that there is a project
underway to port HotJava to Linux, btw, so perhaps this will be available
before the Netscape one...  How close is the relationship between Netscape
and Sun in getting this language off the ground?  BTW, I have netscape 2.0b1
running fine complete with DNS, though I am using Duke's T3 through an
ethernet instead of a SLIP/PPP connection so perhaps that helps. :-)


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