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AT&T Globalyst

I had a few minutes and I thought I'd look for information on
the Globalyst so I can get rid of Windows '95 and start using it.
My big problem is the use of the VGA server instead of the SVGA.
I just found some docs that says that the Globalyst comes with the
CT65545 video chipset, so I am going to give this a try tomorrow.

I'm pretty happy with the 200,000 yen color laptop (100 mhz DX4) from
Plat Home.  It works pretty nice with the 28.8Kbps APEX modem and
DEC PCMCIA ethernet.  I can pull the card out and switch it on the
fly.  It took me a while to figure out that the DEC card emulated the
Accton EN2212 EtherCard.  Strangely, the DEC card was cheaper. 

An interesting note on rebadging products: the Labtop Manufacturers
homepage,, states that
the AT&T Globalyst was manufactured by NEC who in turn got
those computers from First Computer International in Taiwan.  I'm
not sure how accurate the fringeweb report is. 

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