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Re: tlug-digest V1 #51

Saturday I picked up New Rider's "Building a Unix Internet Server" which 
includes Slackware 2.01.  Spent sat. night configuring it on a spare 200mb 
disk.  Works good.  Ran into trouble when it didn't have a driver for my IDE 
NEC cd-rom (hah, teaches me to buy IDE stuff ;) ), anyways, I wasn't 
interested in making up mega floppies from the cd-rom in dos mode, then 
installing from the floppies.  Remind me to buy a Linux supported SCSI 
cd-rom next week when I am in Calif.


Ted Matsumura, Adaptec Japan ATM Program Manager
InterNetworking Technology (INTO)
Adaptec Japan Ltd.
(03) 5276-8433 (Voice)
(03) 5276-9364 (Fax)
Original Text
>From, on 10/2/95 5:18 PM:
 > From: (Stephen J. Turnbull)
 > Date: Sun, 1 Oct 95 22:30 JST
 > Subject: Re: tlug-digest V1 #49

 > [...] I have very convenient archive for my largest
 > packages, it's called "Sunsite" and it even upgrades my packages while
 > they're archived!)  But I suspect that you will have plenty of company
 > if you decide to go that route.  So backup accessibility shouldn't be
 > a problem.

In the 386BSD setup program, there is an option to install from packages in
a FTP server. I only wish Slackware's setup had a similar option, so I
wouldn't have to FTP all the disks prior to installation. BTW, right now
I'm FTPing the new Slackware 3.0 ELF.


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