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Re: www browser

On Mon, 2 Oct 1995, Sam Ear wrote:

> I am using a communication program which come with the Linux package 
> named Seyon and wondering if anyone knows a better one.
> And also I would like to know the process to set up a printer to use in 
> Linux environment.

Seyon is pretty good.  I like it.  You can customize the
x-term defaults by some command line defaults.  Also, press
CTRL- middle button to get a menu to set the scroll bar. 

The other communications programs for Linux are Minicomm and 

For the printer, you should probably read the printing how-to.

You have to edit the /etc/printcap file.  If you don't have a
PostScript printer you have to filter the output through GhostScript
before it gets to the printer

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