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Re: tlug-digest V1 #49

In message <> you wrote:
 > Why are you doing this?  Do you expect to generate that much mountable 
 > data?  Or are you thinking in terms of quickly restoring archives and
 > backups?  If the latter, then it's really only useful if there is
 > similar equipment around.  That's why I went the 230MB MO route; lots
 > of my colleagues have them, so I can get at my data if *my* machine
 > craps out.

Yes, the latter. Also, I want a way to transfer the files I get by FTP at
the lab to my machine at home. For example, I could FTP an entire Slackware
distribution, put it in a MO, and install from it in another machine.
 > of removeable media out there now.  What I'd really like is a CD-ROM
 > writer; CD-ROM media are about US$0.50 in quantity, I think.  With
 > 650MB and *really* permanent storage, that would be the ultimate in
 > archiving.

How about Panasonic's PD? It is also a CD-ROM reader, costs around 
80,000 yens, 650Mb media at 5,000 yens.

 > Is this the Zip drive by Iomega?  I saw some at Platform and at
 > Laox two days ago.  I did not take a good look at it because I
 > wasn't interested at the time.  I seem to remember that it was 
 > cheaper than 50,000 yen.  This could be a different product.

You can find the ZIP drive in Akihabara for 25,000 to 28,000 yens.
The announced 1Gbyte drive is the JAZ drive. More info at:


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