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New User setup - need advice

Hi.  Sorry for the newbie question her, but you guys sound like a helpful
bunch :-)  I've read the installation HOWTO, and even got mail from the
authors, but it's still unclear how, or if, I can get it set up.

Just got the version of Linux (1.2.x) included in a CD with Linux Universe.
The installation instructions seem to want to install it so that it boots
from my hard drive, but while I learn my way around I'd prefer to use a boot
floppy.  I'm still working on getting Win95 set up, so I don't want any more

Here's what I want to do:  I want to run mainly from the CD right now, until
I get a larger hard drive.  I can spare about 75Megs on my *SECOND* hard
drive (drive D).  I guess I need to create a partition this size on drive D.
But then I would like to just boot from a floppy (Drive A) whenever I want
to experiment with Linux.

Does this sound do-able, and reasonable?  I'd appreciate if anyone could
walk me through the steps involved to get it set up.  (Then I can start to
ask the really stupiid questions once I get it running).

My configuration: 486 DX2/66, Adaptec AHA1540 SCSI card, Mitsumi internal CD
.  Logitec 128M MO drive.  Matrox Impression 1024 video card.

If you don't want to bother the entire list with this, please email me
privately at .

Rory Lysaght                    Internet:
Yamato-machi                      Bitnet:
JAPAN                                Fax:  81 (0257) 79-4833
    Photo Portfolio:

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