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SMBFS using WfW/WinNT Shares with Linux

It's great!

The list will probably remember my earlier raves about the samba
software that allows your Unix/Linux PC to be a server of "shares"
on a network of Windows for Workgroups and WindowsNT machines.
It also allowed you to transparently use printers shared by WfW
and NT machines.  Very handy for the office environment.

The only disadvantage was the Linux client side was a FTP-client-like
program that would allow you to "ftp" files off other's WfW/NT shares.

But now...

The 1.3.x kernel includes smbfs, a filesystem that allows mounting
remote shares in a way that is analogous to NFS mounts.  It is way
cool (tm Craig).  You need to pick up ksmbfs* from
to get the special smbmount and smbumount commands (since mounting
takes a few more args than the normal mount is capable of).  It also
includes a loadable module for use with the 1.2.x kernel if you don't
like living dangerously with the 1.3 series.

Now if I could only find a ccMail gateway, I could stay in Linux at
work.  :-)

Jim Tittsler, Tokyo  <URL:>

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