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At 12:53 09/14/95 +0900, Craig Oda wrote:

>Can we get a demonstration of this at the next TLUG
>meeting?  As you mentioned, the docs are kind of slim.
>I use LaTeX under Linux almost everyday and would appreciate
>any information that would make my work more efficient.  
Can I set a demonstration of jlinuxdoc-sgml at next TLUG ?
I eager to test the Japanese PS file output from jlinuxdoc-sgml.
Thank you.
| Kazuyuki Okamoto <>
|                                          XFree86 3.1.2 Docs in Japanese
| PGP Key fingerprint =  83 A5 AF B3 48 3B 5F 36  CC 7F 66 CA 8E BA BB 09

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