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Re: [Q] Japanese TeX

At 07:59 09/10/95 +0900, Craig Oda wrote:

>thanks for the advice!   I have an HP LaserJet 4ML with
>English PostScript, but *without* Japanese PostScript.
>In fact, I bought this printer in the U.S. which means
>that it only has the English PCL fonts.  Is it
>still possible to print Kanji with such a printer?
>We are installing Japanese PostScript into our 
>HP 4V in the office so I should at least be able to
>print Japanese documentation in the office. 

Hi Craig,
I got jdvi2kps4.0.tar.gz from IIJ by a-ftp. And I read README.
This package required for the real or clone Kanji PS printer.
# I used to use the jlatex on DOS/V and Mac with non-PS printers
# for example EPSON BJ-10v/LP-2000, HP Disk Writer 310 and Fax.
# I'm tring to use jlatex on linux.

Are there two printers, HP 4ML in your room and HP 4V in your 

If you want to get Japanese PS output in your room,
the HP LaserJet 4ML should be improved to the Kanji PS one.
Please call HP Service. They'll be have some menu.
I don't know some free kanji PS fonts, sorry.

Hopefully, you'll get a Japnese PS output on HP 4V by jdvi2kps4.0.
Please get the jdvi2kps4.0 package.

>What I really want to do is have one of the Japanese
>staff translate the English documentation into Japanese,
>format the documentation with LaTeX and then convert
>to both PostScript for printing and HTML for use
>as online documentation.  I am doing this with the
>English documentation and it is working beautifully.
>I use the LaTeX2HTML translator for HTML and the
>dvips tranlator for PostScript.  

I am using jlinuxdoc-sgml 1.1 package.
This package has very powerfull tools convert from sgml to roff, 
latex, html, text, dvi and ps formated file.
But I don't tested yet to convert from sgml to ps file :-).

I opened the new XFree86 3.1.2 docs formated to html by 
jlinuxdoc-sgml 1.1 package(+ a little tweak by me) at below URL.
By now, JF Project has in sgml, text, and html formated file.
These docs will distribute in next XFree86 package from XFree86 
Project, Inc. .

>If you are in Yotsuya one day after work, perhaps you
>can stop by our office and we can talk about Linux?
>Maybe we can make a trade for your advice... :-)

It sounds good. Thank you for proposal.

Thank you.
| Kazuyuki Okamoto <>
|                                          XFree86 3.1.2 Docs in Japanese
| PGP Key fingerprint =  83 A5 AF B3 48 3B 5F 36  CC 7F 66 CA 8E BA BB 09

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