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Re: [Q] Japanese TeX

At 16:37 09/09/95 +0900, Craig Oda wrote:
>Whoa, I just installed Japanese TeX from an NFS mounted (thanks
>Jim) partition.  Things look a bit different:
>cow:/usr/local/lib/tex# ls
>dviout.cfg*   dviprt/       fonts/        jlatex.fmt*   macros/
>dviout.drv*   dviprt.cfg    initex*       jslitex.fmt*  ptex.pool*
>dviout.vfn*   dviprt.vfn    jfonts/       jtex.fmt*     virtex*
>Should I make a symbolic link from virtex to latex and then do
>process the LaTeX files? What about xdvi?  I guess printing is
>with GhostScript?  This is a whole different world...

If you link from virtex to jlatex, jlatex command can read 
jlatex.fmt file.
The xdvi is a pre-viewer to the X-screen from the dvi-formated 
You can print out with dviprt from dvi-formated file.
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