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Re: tlug-digest V1 #33

Hi tomita,
>In message <> you wrote:

>Thanks for the info. I'm downloading it right now. For anyone interested,
>it's available by ftp at:
>It seems to be basically the JE-0.9.6, but recompiled into ELF. 
Also I heared that, I want to know what kernel version in based on .

And I am translating XFree86 Docs into Japanese.
Now I try to translate Cirrus.sgml, but it's toooooo long for me. :-)

Any way, I heard about the Red Hat distribution, how about a
combination with JE ?

# Can I join the meeting ? > Craig Oda ? I live in Tokyo.
# I'll adjust a schedule for the meeting.

| Kazuyuki Okamoto <>
|                                          XFree86 3.1.2 Docs in Japanese
| PGP Key fingerprint =  83 A5 AF B3 48 3B 5F 36  CC 7F 66 CA 8E BA BB 09

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