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tlug list has moved

Hackers Summary for those that hate docs:

  ***  send list e-mail to  ***


Hello Linux Lovers  :-)

About a month ago Nori ( upgraded his Linux
system on metanoia (Yes!) but unfortunately wiped out the aliases
file that contained all the mailing list configuration (oh no  :-(  )

Nori has been busy with CTI's rapid expansion and so I volunteered
to get the list up and running on one of the TWICS servers.
I *think* the TLUG mailing list is now set up.  I have not moved
the old archives yet, but I did add a few special features to the

We now have a digest.  The digest is published daily at 2:00 a.m.  If
the digest is especially large, the daily digest is divided
into two issues.  An archive of the digest is available 
and an index listing can be obtained by sending
an e-mail to: and including

  index tlug-digest

in the body of the message.  

Submissions to the mailing list and the digest should be sent to:

The current format of the digest includes a digest motto and a listing
of the contents of the digest at the beginning of each issue.  Comments
about the format can be sent to:

If you do not receive a response, send me a personal e-mail. 

Archives will be available for both the digest and the list starting from
this message. 

Let's get some meetings organized!


	     mailing list admin:
 personal:     pgp key: finger
              voice: +81-3351-5977     fax:  +81-3353-6096
   Physical Location: Twics, Japan's First Public-Access Internet System

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