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Got my HP LaserJet 4ML today.  I ordered it mainly for use with Linux,
but tested it with the Mac anyway and it seemed to work.

I have it partially working with Linux.  I can print PostScript with
no problems by doing:

cat filename > /dev/lp1   (I don't know why it isn't lp0..)

I can print from within GhostView by selecting "myprinter" as the printer
name.  I printed some graphics mixed with text and it came out beautifully.

Printing with :

cat | lpr -Pmyprinter

kind of works.  I get the output, but there is this strange first page that
comes out everytime.  The first page is garbage, then all of my print job
comes out nicely.

I can print ascii only if I convert it to PostScript with "mpage."

This is my first day looking at the printer, so I have not tried out
too many things.  Already,I have it configured so it serves its purpose:
printing documents and code from my Linux machine.

I just need to get rid of that funny first page.  Any hints?

The good news is that the output is excellent.  I earlier commented that
the fonts produced from a dvi to ps conversions were not as clear as
real "adobe" fonts.  This was true printing the converted ps file from
a Mac to a LaserWriter Pro printer.  However, printing the exact same file
from my Linux machine to the HP LJ4 gives output comparable to "adobe"
fonts.  In another test, I used the free wordprocessor, "ez" and
used several different fonts, italics, bold and a fairly complicated
gif in a single page document.  Again, the printed output was of
excellent quality.

I am going to use TeX for a while and write letters to some friends
back home who don't have e-mail access.  I could use "ez," but for
some reason, I feel drawn to the emacs-TeX combination.

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