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Just uploaded "texi2html," a perl script to convert texinfo files into

Every time I see perl scripts in action, I still think it is a bit of magic.
Wish I could write one of these scripts.   Ahhhhh.... one day, one day......

The script is moderately sophisticated and can generate a table of contents
and supporting files from a texi file.

I have not used texinfo enough to judge whether it is worth learning it.

HTML has limitations right now, but it is changing as rapidly as time.
One good thing about HTML is that it is easy to include pictures in the

My first impression is that the longer the document is, the less suited
for HTML it is.


Re: auis messages

Wow, MIME is pretty cool.  I sent several GIFs back and forth on my local
system and sent one to Hugh.  AUIS messages also seems to support sound
and motion pictures, but the sound requires a sound card which I do not
have and the motion pictures requires some other part of the Andrew
distribution which I have not installed.  I noticed there was a section
on installing auis messages for use with a POP server.  I have yet
to get the POP client to work.

The graphic appears inside the e-mail before sending it as well as upon
receipt.  Everything is transparent to the user.  It is not as
slick as NeXTMAIL, but as the source code is right there, I am sure
that anyone who is not satisfied can write their own interface for it.

;-)   <grin>

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