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DOOM for Linux has got to be the all time best game ever written for a
UNIX box!!  Craig and I just played a game of two player DOOM over a ppp
link and it was pretty cool!  It was a bit slow over 14.4 modems, but it
was playable.

Standalone is fast enough on a 486/66 and it looks like many people can
play via TCP/IP, although it slows down a lot to grab those net commands.

If you like blast'em up type games, this one is a must.  You can get it
at ftp://sunsite/pub/linux/Incoming or off of my machine.

To get to my machine, you should have ppp working.  Dial 3465-1439 and
login as 'ppp'.  This will initiate the ppp session.  Then Anon-FTP to: and get both files.  One is the game
and the other is the data file.

Have fun!

DOOM teams now being signed up! :)


P.S.  Had a great time meeting all you Linuxers.  I think we should give
EHARTER a big thanks for hosting today!

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