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I have realized that local DNS servers without any type of
net connection need a db.root record to act as the root
server.  The (cache) or files will send the
address searching for the root source.  Exp.  something like: will search for the root .com directory.  If there is
no DNS root file on your local system, you will get the famous:
"network unreachable" error.
This said, I still can't get the DNS to work properly.  :-(
It keeps saying: "can't find dns."

I stuck Mosaic 2.0 for Macs onto my powerbook to access the HTTPD server
on Linux.  The new Mosaic sucks ram and is really slow.

Someone asked about changing the home page for Linux Mosaic.  You have
to change the .Xdefaults file.

Is anyone else running Linux?  Perhaps more general talk about X-Windows
might draw more people into the conversation?

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