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[tlug] Openmediavault

​Good evening
(I have been a member of this list for years, but usually to not raise my hand, because about 99.8% of the discussions are unfortunately beyond my capabilities. But now I am stuck and would like to ask for help.)

This is for me the first time ever to use this software. In fact my first time ever attempt at setting up a server.
Now, I installed OMV freshly on a 60GB SSD. (Debian based software)
To do so I followed the installation instructions I found on the net (an printed).
After a while I said: "Installation complete. Reboot".
Doing so, I got as predicted the black initial screen, where I am supposed to login to obtain an IP address. However, the default "admin" and "openmediavault" credentials do NOT work. (I am told they are wrong)
I CAN login using "root" plus the PW I setup during installation.
Yet, I have no idea what I am supposed to do at that prompt.

Net search showed, I should type "ifconfig" to get that IP address, but the computer tells me, there is no such command. Typing "ip addr" gives me a handfull of information (which I do not understand), but no ip address.

Somewhere is was written: "open a browser", but I do not know how to do that under these conditions.

Would it be possible to get some (preferably easy) how to move forward with the installation and get the thing running?
Thank you.
I appreciate any help I can get.

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