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Re: [tlug] Call for presenters on Nov 11th - Canceled

On 2023年11月09日 11:07, the silly Edward Middleton claimed to have said:
> I am going to cancel the November meeting as we have no speakers and I have
> come down with something.  If you have something you would like to present,
> I am planning to have a technical meeting in January.  If anyone is
> interested, I have been building a voron2 3d printer and could do a talk on
> that.
> Cheers
> Edward
> 1.

Next time, try to give a much broader deadline than, like, a few days.
A good speech usually takes weeks to prepare, and so does gathering an
audience, because nobody wants to just yell into the void.

Even the biggest dojin market of Japan which attracts massive amounts of
audiences from around the world needs a couple months to announce their
event dates, rules, entry requirements, and so on, and typically begin
selling tickets 2 weeks before the event.
So you can easily see the importance of planning ahead of time, because
this is even more important for small scale events nobody has ever heard


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