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Re: [tlug] Port forwarding/UPnP in Japan

On 2023年10月30日 09:49, the silly Christian Horn claimed to have said:
> Hoi tlug,
> anybody having done port forwarding,
> configured directly on their router or via UPnP,
> to make a service from their LAN available to the outside?
> I'm using a NTT PR-500KI router,
> it's not offering port forwarding directly.
> UPnP appears in the menus, but the specific UPnP service
> to do port forwarding seems not available.
> Seems like services offered on IPv6 devices on the LAN get
> routed through directly.  
> Might still be that the provider is doing multiple layers
> of NAT in front if the IPv4 IP which the router gets assigned,
> making for example a TCP service then available to the internet
> would not work.
> The IP the router gets is not from a private range though, so
> does not directly look like they do another level of NAT.
> cheers,
> Christian

If you're using NTT as the internet backbone instead of KDDI, you can
attach a different router to your modem that does support this feature.

An alternative is to look into a static IP provider which lets you
continue to be a customer of your current ISP, while at the same time
circumventing all of their restrictions in this regard (like the
multiple layers of NAT).
I can recommend InterLink ( ), which
provides a static IP (固定IP) addresses for really cheap, although
customer support is more or less absent.
It's the one I used to use before I unfortunately moved to a KDDI area.

Another well known player in the cheap static IP market is
GMOとくとくBB ( ), they do have a
customer service, but I have no experience using them.
And according to the table on this same page, GMO and InterLink are the
only 2 that provide no initial setup costs, and allow you to change
reverse IP lookup to whatever you want, which especially comes in handy
if you plan on running an email server, or you just want to come over as
if you're hosting your servers independently from everyone else (which
in a sense is true).

Hope that helps.


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