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Re: [tlug] Call for presenters for September 11th

On 28/8/21 2:46 pm, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
Edward Middleton writes:

  > If you are interested in presenting can you post a quick summary of
  > topics you might be interested in talking about.

1.  For the past three years I've participated in CERT (Computer
     Emergency Response Team) conferences.  If people are interested in
     how these organizations work (CERT, as usual is a US organization,
     but most wired countries have a 2LA-CERT, eg, JPCERT), I'd be
     happy to pull together a talk.  Right now I'm thinking 10min on
     how CERTs currently work (relation to CVEs, reporting, etc), and
     10min on conference topics (SBOM = software bill of materials,
     vulnerability modeling, etc.)

2.  Since 2013 I've been participating in Google Summer of Code as a
     mentor and organization administrator.  I would give about a 10min
     promotional talk on my experiences and why your open source
     organization should participate.

That would be great.

  > Please also reply if there are things you would like to hear talks
  > on.

1.  Is Rust really going to replace C?  Eg, what's going on with Rust
     bindings for like OpenSSL?  Is RusTLS really a thing?

2.  Any other language-stanning.  Except I can get all the Haskell I
     want from Curt. ;-)

I would be happy to talk about rust but I imagine most people would be happy if I stopped ;)


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