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[tlug] Recommendations for ISP and router upgrades

Like many others, I've experienced a sharp drop in internet speeds
since last year. I'm on a 100 Mbps NTT DSL connection which works well
during the day but slows to a crawl on evenings and weekends. I
recently arranged for an upgrade to 1 Gbps Hikari in early June. But in
order to eliminate as many bottlenecks as possible, I'm also looking
into changing my ISP and, possibly, router and was hoping TLUG might
have advice for what to pick?

It seems one key issue causing slowdown on NTT connections is PPPoE
congestion. The solution advertised by many ISPs is switching to IPv6
IPoE plans. But my understanding is that those require routers
supporting technologies like "DS-lite" available only on Japan-specific
devices[1] which limits options in terms of performance/features. So
I'd be keen to know what setups have worked for other TLUG members.

[1]Asahi Net, who I've heard good things about, list only four devices
by BUFFALO, I-O Data, and NEC:

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