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Re: [tlug] So-called "locale" problems in Thunderbird

On 12/30/20 7:29 PM, Brian Chandler wrote:
I am trying to get a Ubuntu system usable, for which I need the mailreader to show dates in ISO order (2020-12-31 etc). As always I am enmired in a Kafkaesque fog of confusion (theirs, not mine) between languages, places, and date formats. I understand that I cannot expect to specify a date format, but have to do some "locale" nonsense; my general strategy, which seems to be quite standard, actually, is to pretend to be somewhere called "English-in-Denmark". This gets most things OK; it tends to mean that spreadsheets use the continental "decimal comma", but I can live with that. I have a copy of Thunderbird working on another computer, but it's about 12 versions older, so there is no correlation that I can find between the "Preference" settings on the two systems.

... I'm advocating for one distro I currently use, mostly. Had you " Manjaro ", under " Manjaro Settings Manager " you'll find that specific applet " Locale Settings " which manages this issue for the system.

Cheeers! フェルナンド

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