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[tlug] " XFS " Data Recovery Tools on " ARM "

Greetings everybody! Hopefully this will entertain you all. I was careless the other day replucating some data from a home-NAS (Thecus brand) to an external USB device. Here we go. I *moved* the data instead of copying it onto the external HDD. *No errors reported on the operation itself, BTW*.

What happened? Next day, copied data to the external device vanished. To be precise, for some reason it was never written in a proper manner in the first place (probably due to some faulty cable or whatever). So, this thread is about *data recovery tools* in this case, filesystem is " XFS " on an " ARM " device running our beloved OS. 02 disks with the original data (that I want to attempt recover on) are on "RAID-0" mode, believed with no errors.

BTW, I can live with that loss but please, be my guest and laugh at my expense if you would. Cheers! フェルナンド

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