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[tlug] KB language icon in Linux Mint

Good evening
I am sure, this does not really belong here, but the "Linux Mint forum" is practically dormant - the time stamps of other message usually date years back.
So, maybe! ... someone could give me a hint here.

I just installed Linux Mint 20 in a virtual machine (VMware Player).
I added a German KB to the initially present Japanese one.
Under display options the item "show country flag" is checked.
The Keyboard applet in the task bar is installed and "active".
Yet, no matter what I do, ONLY the "On-Screen KB icon" shows.
So, unless I type something I have no idea what KB layout is currently selected.

Although the KB layouts are working, it is very annoying to NOT know, what I am currently using.

Questions about this phenomenon have been asked online before - AND I am seeing this also with Mint 19 -
but none of the offered solutions applys and/or changes anything.

Is there maybe a trick to make this work?
Thank you!

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