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Re: [tlug] Fishing for USB linux suggestions

On Fri, Sep 4, 2020 at 3:40 PM Raedwolf Sumner <> wrote:
I would like to have Xfce Linux Mint 20 on a USB thumb drive. Not just a live linux, but an OS that I can update and use on any computer. 

OT I guess, but over the past year I've tried running a live version of Linux on a USB drive on various laptop computers and it runs on some and not on others.  In the BIOS settings, I've found there are sometimes two or three settings for booting from USB... I can't remember what they're called offhand, but do remember "USB harddrive" being one of them.  On machines with just "USB" in the BIOS list, they generally work, but when options are listed, I've often been able to boot the machine from the USB memory device under any of the various USB settings.....  Why are there options anyway?  There is one setting for booting from the internal HDD, one for the optical drive, and then options for USB... I guess to be able to select when there are multiple things connected to the machine via USB?

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