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Re: [tlug] Call for presenters 12th Sep

> >>> * Hand-written ELF files (git://,
> >>> * Random projects in J (git://, and
> >>> * Playing with formal proof verification (
> >>
> >> Would you be interested in doing a talk on any of these, we just had a
> >> trial online technical meeting last Saturday but we are always looking
> >> for people working on interesting projects.
> > 
> > My reply may have slipped through the cracks, but I am still willing.
> Any or all of those topics would be great.  Could you write a title and 
> a short (around 3 sentence) summary for the announcement?

Before I fully commit, would you mind explaining expectations: how long are the
talks generally? What are we using to video conference? How many people
generally attend and what backgrounds can I expect? Etc.

This will by my first time presenting any of these topics, so I will need to
prepare. Given the short time frame, I might need to push this back to next


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