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Re: [tlug] "Go Considered Harmful"

Go is certainly improving upon C, sure. But it is also a language for a
different purpose. The purpose of C is system implementation, Go is more
of a scripting language, certainly not a system implementation language.

Well, it certainly doesn't look like that to me, and I suspect that most Go
programmers would disagree with you as well. Go certainly feels a _lot_
more like C than like Perl or Python, much less Bourne shell. In
particular, Go very much focuses on data structures as binary data in
memory, as opposed to "objects" (in the Lisp sense, not the OO sense).

It seems to fill the server side niche that would otherwise be taken by Java, Python or ruby. A lot of people move from python or ruby to Go because they where sick of dealing with dependencies or performance issues.


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