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Re: [tlug] From an enthusiast TLUG follower

On 31/8/2020 12:44 pm, Curt J. Sampson wrote:
On 2020-08-29 23:42 +0800 (Sat), Raymond Wan wrote:
It's a nice hope, but before COVID-19 this experience had _already been
had_, and some countries _had_ learned from it. Why would a country that
didn't learn from the last one, or the one before that, suddenly change?

Yes well, technically speaking, China and Hong Kong experienced covid-19

Actually, I was talking about the U.S. experience with previous viruses.
Stephen put it well:

Bush learned from the SARS outbreak and left a playbook for future
outbreaks, Obama improved it after Ebola and MERS, the bureaucrats were
all set to implement in February 2020, and Trump said "Don't...."

Oh!  I see!  I didn't realise you were going back before 2020!

I see what you and Stephen mean! Of course, it isn't specific to the USA or its current leader. But Trump does stand out easily...

There have been hints of it at a much smaller scale in the past. We can't really say that covid-19 "came out of nowhere" and that all countries entered 2020 with a blank page on what to do...


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