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Re: [tlug] Corona and schools in Japan

> I've been impressed with the direction MS is going. 

Me too. I don't think they even make it into my top-ten list of evil
companies any more [1].

> It's an "electron" app. I'm not real familiar with what that means, but
> some cursory research tells me it is Chromium bundled up with custom
> JavaScript and other stuff to make a web page act more like an
> application. I'm guessing the Chromium bundled in it is compiled static.

Yes; that is why most Electron app executables you see will be at least
50MB. (It is usually two processes running: one is node.js and the other
is chromium browser.)

They are generally very portable; I develop on Linux, and push out Mac
and Windows builds to users and don't normally even test releases on
those OSes. (However you can use Node native modules, and there are a
few OS-specific APIs, so if you use any of those you need to be more
careful about portability.)

(We switched to building on top of Quasar [2] last year, which gives us
not just Electron but also a web app build option.)


[1]: I don't actually keep a top-ten list, you will be relieved to
hear... but if I did, I think the company that holds the leash of the
satan-spawn that is Captcha would have to be at the top.


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