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[tlug] move/change home directory

Good evening
Sorry for the uneducated question, but ..
I recenctly replaced an apparently broken HDD with one I took from another PC running Mint 19.
This HDD has no partitions on it.

I was wondering whether I could create one to have /home in a dedicated partition.
Googling gave a number of very frightening results, like

Following this instruction would require executing 11-12 different commands.
I DO have the contents of my /home directory on an external disk.
Is there maybe some a little more humane way accomplishing this?
Would maybe ONLY the operation:
    # umount /srv/home
    Finally, we have to mount the filesystem /dev/sdb1 to /home for the mean time.
    # mount /dev/sdb1 /home
    # ls -l /home

be enough?
Or am I again totally off the mark?
Thank you

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