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Re: [tlug] Looking for small form-factor desktop or inexpensive laptop

The last time I was in Tsukumo, there were several barebones NUC and mini desktop DIY sets that would take either Intel or AMD Ryzen CPUs, DDR4 SO-DIMM memory, and up to two SSDs.  Boxes are fanless and can be configured as WiFi or ethernet.  The non-NUC boxes were manufactured by a major manufacturer whose name escapes me right now.  As I recall, the bare bones AMD kits were significantly cheaper than the NUC kits -- circa 16,000円 plus the cost of CPU, memory, SSDs, and the optional WiFi board. 

CONFUSING DIRECTIONS:  They were in the "first floor" of the Tsukumo that is a couple of streets directly behind the old Llaox -- between that main road and the overhead rail tracks.  If you turn at the first road parallel to Chuo-dori, the Tsukumo entrance in front of the traditional Japanese restaurant (about 30 meters before you hit the road under the tracks with the pachinko parlor on the corner) takes you into Tsukumo's parts center with all of the memory, HDD, SSD, CD/DVD players.  If you walk to the back of that floor, there is a half-level stairway that takes you down to a floor with keyboards, kits and cases (take the stairs into the level you can see and not the hard right turn to the basement shop).  The back wall of that level is the CPU sales desk.  The units I am talking about were on the aisle across from the elevator.  You can enter this floor directly if you turn right at the road just before Tskumo and enter through the fancy entrance on that street.

In the past, I have used an Atom-powered HP mini running their versions of WIN XP and WIN 7 bought from a business that was downsizing its office for around 8000円.  It was especially convenient because it could be mounted to the back of my monitor.  It ran a form of Ubuntu pretty well.  There are newer versions of that box.  I used to see new and used versions at a couple of the shops across from T-Zone's "back" entrance (the road that ends at the new bank building and has -- or used to have -- a sporting goods store on one corner).

I also have a Rasberry Pi 3 which I've never progressed beyond toy value with but it would make a very useful desktop if you could use a wireless keyboard and mouse.  Don't ask what happens when all you have handy is a 3-meter HDMI cable and one of those unbreakable early IBM keyboards that can be used to stop bullets and pound nails.


On 2019-12-20 19:47, Joe Larabell wrote:
I recall this being asked in the past but: (a) things change, (b) I didn't save the previous emails, and (c) I can't find the archive search button or it has disappeared. Anyway...

I'm in the market for a somewhat more recent Linux machine, mostly for desktop use, but space is at a premium. A small form-factor box like a NUC would be OK... as would a laptop that can be docked to a regular screen and keyboard. I'm wondering if anyone has one they would like to get rid of (not junk... but I don't need a whiz-bang gaming machine, either). Lacking that, I'm wondering if there are any brick-and-mortar stores in Tokyo any more that sell laptops or small desktops that don't come preloaded with Windoze. Lacking that, any recommendations for something I might be able to get from Amazon JP. Thanks...

Joe Larabell (

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