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Re: [tlug] Looking for small form-factor desktop or inexpensive laptop

Depending on your needs, a Raspberry Pi might be worth consideration.

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On Dec 21, 2019, at 17:56, Joe Larabell <> wrote:

I recall this being asked in the past but: (a) things change, (b) I didn't save the previous emails, and (c) I can't find the archive search button or it has disappeared. Anyway...

I'm in the market for a somewhat more recent Linux machine, mostly for desktop use, but space is at a premium. A small form-factor box like a NUC would be OK... as would a laptop that can be docked to a regular screen and keyboard. I'm wondering if anyone has one they would like to get rid of (not junk... but I don't need a whiz-bang gaming machine, either). Lacking that, I'm wondering if there are any brick-and-mortar stores in Tokyo any more that sell laptops or small desktops that don't come preloaded with Windoze. Lacking that, any recommendations for something I might be able to get from Amazon JP. Thanks...

Joe Larabell (
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