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Re: [tlug] Another note to server admins: fix kirakira's cert

On 4/16/19 2:59 PM, Chris wrote:
(yeah, when I start looking, it's hard to stop)

So, server admins, two things:

* it's nice to have fail2ban watching things, but probably not port 25.  That'll
   shut down malicious probes, sure, but it also keeps things like sslscan from
   showing just how bad the config is.

* self-signed cert that expired in 2012 for  Really?  EFF's
   "Let's Encrypt" is free and so simple that even Mauro Sauco could get it right
   after a few tries.


Yes getting ssl setup is on the roadmap for the server upgrade. Let's Encrypt is great and is definetly the way to go for us.


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