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Re: [tlug] Solarized Colour Scheme

Stephen J. Turnbull writes:

 > I am not sure how to set that "optional platform-specific entry".  I
 > guess you have to either patch xterm or override the terminal setting
 > in your shell rc script.

I didn't look at the code, so I don't know about the "dumber" default
TERM entries, but to change the platform TERM entry you need to rebuild
xterm, using the "--with-terminal-type=<terminfo name>" option to

Another possibility would be to change the terminfo entry for xterm.
Currently the terminfo source distributed with xterm is

# Customization begins here.
# This is the only entry which you should have to customize, since "xterm"
# is widely used for a variety of incompatible terminal emulations including
# color_xterm and rxvt.
xterm|X11 terminal emulator,
#       use=xterm-r6,

Just change "xterm-new" to "xterm-256color", recompile and install the
terminfo, and Shinzo's your sorry-daijin!

Finally, you can change the way you invoke your smarter programs to
set TERM before calling them.  Or you can fix the terminfo and then
change the way you invoke the really dumb programs that can't hack 256

Isn't the flexibility of X11 wonderful?


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