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[tlug] [announcement] September 8th, 2018 Technical Meeting

-=-=-=- Announcement: September 2018 TLUG Technical Meeting -=-=-=-=-
Meeting information Date: September 8, 2018 (Saturday)

   Time:  14:00-18:00 (doors open 13:30)

   Place: Axsh Co. LTD
          First Umemura Building 6F
          3-24-3 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku
          151-0053 Tokyo
          (There is a Family Mart on the first floor)

   1. Yamaha THR10 guitar amp Linux demo (30 minutes)

      The THR10 is a small relatively affordable guitar amplifier for home use.
      One nice feature is that if you plug it into Linux via USB, it gets
      recognized as a sound card. This talk will include a very brief
      explanation of the Linux sound architecture followed by a live demo
      where we record a couple simple guitar tunes.

   2. 10 minute lighting talks open to anybody.

      Currently decided:
        - The winning combination of 4k and tiling window managers.

Due to the short notice and much smaller venue, this meeting will have more
of a chill vibe than usual. I'm thinking we can all just sit around and have
some beers together with some more casual presentations.

All Linux users and supporters of open source code and free software
are invited to attend this Tokyo Linux Users Group (TLUG) meeting.
Membership is open to anyone. There are no membership dues or entrance

About TLUG
TLUG is a non-profit, non-political organization established in June
of 1994 to exchange information on the use of Linux and Free Software
Foundation tools. TLUG has an active mailing list, home page, and
regular physical meetings. Discussions are primarily held in English,
but non-English speakers are encouraged to come and participate.
We especially want to encourage Japanese people to attend and will make
efforts to support a bilingual meeting.

TLUG generally hosts technical meetings every odd-numbered month on the
2nd Saturday, and a nomikai (social even at a pub) every even-numbered
month on the 2nd Friday.

The TLUG home page is available at

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