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Re: [tlug] (no subject)

Stephen J. Turnbull writes:

> Pioneer CD drives and Buffalo optical drives (CD, DVD, BD) have always
> worked fine with my Linux boxes.  However, I had occasional bad luck
> writing DVDs with Buffalo drives on all OSes (could be media, though).
> Don't have much experience with the Buffalo BRXL-16 BD drives yet, in
> any writing mode or OS (just upgraded recently).
>  > I was wondering if this is something one still needs to worry
>  > about?
> I wouldn't think so.  I'd be more worried about compatibility with the
> media.

Thanks for the advice! I ended up going with a Pioneer BDR-XD07LE
BluRay drive, which works great:

I haven't tried writing discs yet (haven't had a reason to), but it has
read everything I have tried so far and is very quiet.


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