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[tlug] fcitx/mozc IME: black on black

Using fcitx/mozc, in the scite editor, when I press space to cycle
through the choice of kanji, it displays as black on black.

In libre office writer it displays white on a blue-grey background.
In xed it is black on very pale grey.
In thunderbird it is black on perhaps a slightly darker grey.
Firefox looks to be the same.
In vscode it is black on white, with underline.
Other Electron-based apps are the same as vscode, so that is probably
coming from Chromium.

I'm surprised/amazed that each editor does it differently!

Does anyone know where scite might be getting that setting from? (There
is `ime.interaction` and I've tried both 0 and 1, but that makes no

BTW, in RStudio, it refuses to work at all. (ctrl+space does nothing,
and changing it to mozc from the xfce panel icon doesn't work either).


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