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Re: [tlug] Macbook Pro RAM upgrade.

On 2018-02-05 19:59, Curt Sampson wrote:
On 2018-02-04 01:08 +0900 (Sun), Furkan Mustafa wrote:

If you properly take care of it, a battery pack for this machine
would work for 5 years.

I had thought that Lithium Ion batteries were more often limited by
charge cycles than simple time, and so how soon you need to replace
your battery is more dependent on how much time you spend on the
battery, rather than plugged in. I could be wrong, though.

You could say that charge cycles is the main lifespan. And there are lots
of possible diseases that shorten it. Leave it uncharged for a month
or two, it's dead. Use it fully charged (no battery utilization) for a
long time (couple months), probably dead or severely noticable decrease
in runtime. Temperature is also important. Exhausting upper ~10% or lower ~10% of capacity also damages battery lifes. There might be other factors

On daily use without being concerned too much with details, most laptop
batteries would last **max** 2-3 years before losing 50+% capacity.

Taking good care of my battery, I've managed to get 70+% for more than 5

Some of them goes out even earlier because of inferior battery management
system. Sudden decrease in runtime is an indicator of this, if there is
no user error like I've said above.

Apple has a nice page about simple battery tips;

Furkan Mustafa

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