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[tlug] Bonenkai -- One more seat available

If there are any late-comers who would still like to attend the bonenkai dinner, we can admit one more person. Please get in touch with Edward Middleton or myself, ASAP.

The reason is that with a full house Kalin and I will be rather busy in the Kitchen and won't have much time to sit down. So we decided to offer up our seats to any late comers. Instead, we intend to get camping stools/chairs to sit down when we have a bite to eat ourselves in between cooking.

The current list of participants is as follows:


1. Benjamin Kowarsch
2. Kalin Kozhuharov


1. Edward Middleton
2. Bruce McIntosh
3. Stephen J. Turnbull
4. Andreas Kieken
5. Justin Nicolaides
6. Chris Salisbury
7. Dusan Kojic
8. Akira Tsukamoto
9. Michael Wright
10. Sotaro Kobayashi
11. Ken Cotton
12. Susumu Nara
13. Hiroshi Shimamoto
14. Peter Jacobs
15. Alexey Rusakov
16. Barry Lustig, payment pending
17. Curt Sampson
18. Katsutoshi Seki
19. Steve Christie, payment pending

20. available

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