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Re: [tlug] A good old fashioned topic

I moved to i3 from Cinnamon when I got a 4k monitor at work. When you've got that much screen real estate, maximizing windows just leads to a huge white border left and right. It's much more efficient to divide the screen into two 1080p sections and therefore a tiling window manager just made sense. Personally I wouldn't use one on an HD monitor though.

On which tiling manager is best, I don't really have an opinion. I read a few articles comparing a couple of them and chose i3 based on that. I don't remember exactly what pushed me to it over xmonad or another one.

And since it seems to be encouraged to say something provocative here, one feature I would really like to see added is compiz-esque animations. What can I say? I like my eye candy. ^_^


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