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[tlug] [resolved] Recommendations for a small, cheap laptop / netbook for travel with a Japanese keyboard

Thanks for the various suggestions.

So in the end I went with a used Aspire One 533 from Hard Off, which
was about 8000 yen, plus 3000 yen for a replacement battery. The label
says it has 1GB RAM but somebody seems to have added another one,
which is fine for Chrome + terminal. The keyboard is really nice and
the trackpad is the first one I've ever used and not hated.

It also came with a piece of software called Microsoft Windows, which
is a specially-designed decoy operating system that is often
pre-installed on computers as something to show officials who may want
to watch your system boot. But I wiped it because Ubuntu makes it a
PITA doing full-disk encryption if you want to dual-boot. Everything
I've tried (wifi, mic/camera etc) seems to work great out of the box
with zero faffing.

Edmund Edgar
Founder, Social Minds Inc (KK)
Twitter: @edmundedgar
Linked In: edmundedgar
Skype: edmundedgar

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